Anti Aging for Hands

Sometimes old age is even visible from the hand. In such cases, people can look for anti aging for hands products. That is normal because who wants to look old? Your skin becomes wrinkled, its regeneration stops. Spots begin to appear on the skin. Now your hand is almost an old hand. So can you take action? The answer is, why not?

Anti Aging for Hands

Old age is an extension of adulthood. It is a stage in which physical and mental changes are seen in the later period of life. It is a period in which different criteria such as physiological changes, psycho-social factors, and chronology are taken into account in the definition.
In old age, many physiological changes such as thinning of the skin and loss of flexibility, shortening of the neck, decrease in muscle strength, and problems in vision and hearing are observed. We call such physiological changes in old age "physiological old age" or "biological old age".

In addition to physiological changes, many psycho-social factors affect old age. Among these factors are various life events such as economic problems, retirement, children leaving home, loss of relatives, and reduction in social roles. Such events require adaptation to the new situation that occurs after the change. When they cannot adapt, they may have various psychological problems such as adjustment problems, hopelessness, depression, irritability, and anxiety.

Another criterion in the definition of elderly is chronological aging. The retirement age of 65 is considered the beginning of old age in most of the major countries. In the reports on aging published by the United Nations, 60 years was specified as the chronological aging limit. In many countries, the age of 60 or 65 is the limit in terms of free access to social and health services and retirement.

Being Old

Despite all these criteria, it is a more correct approach to consider old age as a "relative" concept. At this point, especially individual, social, and cultural factors gain importance.

In terms of individual factors, interpersonal differences are important. Unlike individuals who feel old and pretend to be old, they say, "I'm not old, I feel 18". We can explain such statements with the thesis that "an old person in terms of his physical appearance may see himself as young in terms of spirituality".

Based on the same thesis, when a person feels old and acts like an old man, that person is old. The most important factor that creates the difference here is the meaning of life. Because the most powerful weapon against old age is the commitment to live.

In terms of social factors, the thesis of “the society makes the classification of the elderly” comes to the fore. A 50-year-old woman who married young and had grandchildren early defines her as an old man in the village. But a late married woman living in the city is middle-aged, they say.

In terms of cultural factors, the value and importance given to old age vary according to the culture in which the person lives. In North America, for example, it is more important for young users, elderly people are more important in China and elderly experience is important. Sometimes at an earlier age, people feel "old."

Do Anti-Aging for Hands Cream Work?

There are so many such anti aging for hands creams. The success of some brands is debatable, but there are still very successful companies. The success of a hand cream depends on its effect on appearance. This is what makes a hand cream successful. There are many hand creams on the market that have achieved this. People prefer anti aging for hands creams for stain removal. Of course, people also prefer anti aging for hands creams for wrinkles.
Sometimes old age is not the only cause of spots. But in general, the main cause of spots is old age. There is a lot of anti aging for hands creams for these.

Age Spots

Age spots begin to appear on the skin at the age of 45-50 years. However, in some cases, it can also occur in the 30s. The most obvious causes of age spots are the spots formed as a result of excessive exposure to the sun. They are common signs in people who sunbathe for a long time. It is more common, especially in the hand, nose, and surroundings. They are harmless, but for some people, this appearance is extremely disturbing.

The body produces too much melanin at age points. Melanin is the coloring pigment of the skin. The body produces extra melanin when the skin is exposed to sunlight to protect it against ultraviolet sunlight (UV) rays. As melanin is produced, the skin darkens and excess melanin accumulates, causing age spots to form.


Sun-exposed areas such as face, neck, hands and forearms have most visible wrinkles that are a natural part of aging.
While genetics determines skin structure and texture primarily, the exposure to sunlight is a major cause of wrinkles, particularly for fair skin. Contribute to wrinkling with pollutants and smoking.

If wrinkles are bothering you, there are more options than ever today to smooth them out or make them less visible. Medicines, skin rejuvenation techniques, fillers, and surgery are among the effective wrinkle treatments.
Wrinkles are caused by a combination of several factors - some are controllable, while others are:

Age. The skin becomes less elastic and fragile naturally when we get older. Reduction in the production of natural oil dries the skin, making it more wrinkled.

Fats in the deeper layers of the skin are reduced. This causes loose, saggy skin and more prominent lines and cracks.

Light UV exposure. UV exposure. The principal cause of premature wrinkles is ultraviolet radiation which speeds up the natural aging process. Exposure to UV light breaks down the skin's connective tissue – the collagen and elastin fibers found in the deeper skin layer (dermis).

Without the supporting connective tissue, the skin loses its strength and elasticity. The skin then begins to sag and wrinkle prematurely.
To smoke. Smoking can contribute to wrinkles by accelerating the normal aging process of the skin. This may be due to the effect of smoking on collagen.

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