Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

For daily skin care routine at home, steps such as cleansing, purification, moisturizing, feeding and treatment are applied to the skin. These steps take longer or shorter depending on the skin type. Additionally, choosing a product according to the skin type is extremely important for effectiveness. In skin care application, massaging to accelerate blood flow increases the absorption of the skin care products. For your skin care routine:

  1. Start with the Cleanser, it takes about 1-3 minutes with the skin type appropriate ingredient.
  2. Revitalize and purify with toner, now your skin looks more vibrant.
  3. With Eyecream, lightly touch the detention with your ring finger.
  4. Treatment products: Massage your cheeks and ears with the back of your eastern hand with the antioxidant serum. If you have acne, use the appropriate product, we apply skin rejuvenating creams at this stage and we are waiting.
  5. Moisturizer: It can contain retinol, vitamins, prebiotics, collagen. Your skin is now very happy.
  6. Sunscreen creams: If you are going out, you can apply your sunscreen cream.

If you do not have a daily skin care routine at home, your skin cannot be cleaned sufficiently and an ideal environment for bacteria formation is created. Bacteria often cause acne breakouts. If you do not have a skin care routine and use products occasionally, it is very difficult to see the effect of creams. It is necessary to proceed step by step in skin care. If you skip steps or relocate, their effectiveness will be reduced.

Daily Skin Care Routine and Home Remedies

It is possible to do daily skin care routine at home with natural products. Most skin care products contain parabens, additives and preservatives. Without these chemicals, the shelf life is shortened and the products lose their effectiveness. However, some people are sensitive and react to these substances as a rash or allergy. Skin care routine is necessary and important for everyone. With natural skincare products, you can do your own skin care treatment. There are hundreds of recipes for this.

  • Cleanser :apple vinegar and water mixture
  • Toner : Aloe Vera leaf juice
  • Peel with strawbery and coffee cream/milk mixture
  • Antioxidant: cucumber or potato slices/juice
  • Moisturize with face oils or olive oil drops
  • Night cream: coconut oil

Be careful with daily skin care routine at home remedy, as natural vegetables are highly concentrated. It may be too intense for some skin types as it is very concentrated. For example, oily skin can cause acne as a result of using natural oils. Not all facial oils are suitable for oily skin. While grapeseed oil is an excellent choice for oily skin, on the contrary, it is not suitable for dry skin. Acidic products are not suitable for dry skin. Therefore, it should be thinned when using natural facial oils.

If you want to continue your daily skin care with natural jams, there are hundreds of recipes. There are beauticians who provide training on this subject. When you know enough, you become professional enough to make your own prescription.

Daily Skin Care Routine To Your Skin Type

The daily skin care routine at home varies according to the skin type. Actually, the rules are very simple;

  • Oily skin should stay away from skin care products with too much oil as they don’t need it.
  • Dry skin should be constantly fed and moisturized.
  • People with combination skin should have both oily and dry skin care products at home.
  • People with sensitive skin should prefer natural products without additives.
  • Normal skin should maintain the natural balance of the skin.

In daily product application;

  • Dry skin applies the cleansing phase for a short time and massages less.
  • People with dry skin type apply a large amount of anti-aging products and moisturizing creams with ample massage.
  • Oily skin uses less moisturizing products.
  • Combination skin owners cleanse the T-zone by massaging more using two separate products.
  • Those with combination skin apply more moisturizer to their cheeks.

The aim in daily skin care routine at home is to know better her/his skin and meet her needs. Dry skin is hungry for moisture, water and nutrition and ages quickly. Those with sensitive skin are often allergic and unnatural products and acidic products make them dry skinned. Therefore, they use preservative and paraben-free products in skin care.

Nightly Skin Care Routine

Apart from daily skin care routine at home you need other skin cares too. We take an average of 30 minutes for daily care and provide enough hygiene and care for our skin throughout the day. Air pollution, smoke and stress though all day, affect our skin. At night, we need to apply skin care to our face again. Assuming that he sleeps for an average of 8 hours, it would be wise to evaluate this sire. Then, we apply the daily skin care routine steps at home that we apply in the morning, one by one, with a few changes.

  1. CLEANSER (Get rid of all pollutions and purify)
  2. TONER (wake up your skin)
  3. SERUM (indulge your skin)
  4. EYE CREAM (work on sensitive area)
  5. TREATMENT (fight with spots, acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation etc.)

Weekly and Monthly Skin Care Routine

Apart from nightly and daily skin care routine at home you will need deep care. In order to do these choose your free day and work on your needs. It is suitable for deep cleansing and applying mask to the skin once a week. It is good to get professional skin care once a month. With the devices, deeper cleaning will open the skin pores that you cannot open at home. In addition, serum and vitamin ampoules in professional skin care are more effective and are not sold in consumer stores.

The weekly and monthly skin care routine is over, but there is something missing, which is your body. With skin and needs deep cleansing covers  all your body. Sauna and massage are sufficient for this need. But, if you don't have time for it, you definitely have a bath tub and body peelings and lotions at home.

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