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Our hair is a vital part of our appearance therefore many of us would like to invest in the best hair products that help maintain healthy and beautiful locks.

Everybody wants gorgeous looking hair, gorgeous hair that is well taken care of is healthy, shinny, and full looking. These pleasant characteristics enhances our psychical appearance. Regardless of what your hair texture is, and how difficult it may be to manage it. It is still possible to achieve these benefits by consistently taking care of your tresses.

You should select hair products that nourish your hair type without weighing it down or over drying it. The best product is chosen by determining whether you have straight, wavy, curly or coily hair

What hair products are best for my hair type?

Before purchasing a product for your hair, you must aim for products that are specifically developed to care for your hair texture. Your hair type will ultimately determine what kind of products you should look for, that will offer the most benefits to your mane.

Lets start with the most common hair type, the straight hair. Most people are under the misconception that straight hair is easier to manage compared to other hair types. But that is simply not true. Because straight hair types are flatter in texture, it tends to attract more grease therefore individuals with straighter hair textures should look for hair products that decrease the heavy amounts of oil present on the scalp.

Curly hair tends to be drier than other hair types. Hair products that are rich in hydrating properties should be included into your hair care routine.

Wavy hair tends to be a bit drier than straight hair although not nearly as drier than curly hair. Shampoos that effectively wash off oil and dirt in the scalp and hydrating conditioners that keep the hair looking smooth and healthy are what wavy hair types should opt for.

And finally coily hair types are both very dry and highly delicate. These hair types should incorporate plenty of moisturizing hair masks and shampoo that gently cleanse the hair without damaging it.

Most efficient hair products

Each product is compatible with a different hair type. Whatever problems you have with your hair, these quality hair products can solve them for you.

A double set of coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. Both products are infused with coconut extracts that hydrates the hair efficiently, without over washing the scalp and draining it from its natural oils. These products make it the perfect hair care combo for dry hair types.

Smooth blow dry anti-frizz cream. Frizzy hair can be annoying to deal with, luckily this smoothing cream is argan oil based and provides a sleek appearance for your hair. This product is perfect for textured hair that is either curly, coily or even wavy.

Additionally, a hair volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Both these products include hyaluronic acids that plump up the hair strands creating thicker looking hair strands. These products are an ideal choice for straight hair types who desire a bit of volume.

A scalp cleansing and exfoliating shampoo paired with a keratin conditioner. The shampoo contains tea tree oil and salicylic acid that both exfoliates and cleanses the scalp and the keratin in the conditioner revives damaged hair and keeps the cuticles smooth and frizz free.

Deep moisture coconut oil hair mask. This mask contains a high content of coconut extracts which is very helpful for overly dry and damaged hair. This mask should be applied every week and left on for 30 minutes. You should wait for the hair to absorb its nourishing benefits before rinsing it off.

How to plan a haircare routine for your hair type

Every hair texture is different and each hair has a different routine you must follow. In order to tend for your specific hair type you must follow the right hair washing routine that is compatible with your hairs natural texture.

Curly and dry hair types should follow a hair washing routine that refrains from shampooing the hair too often. If possible, curly hair should be washed once a week. And conditioned every 3 days in order to keep it soft and well nourished. Avoid over brushing the hair as well since it could lead to damaged hair.

Straight hair that suffers from excess oil should frequently wash their scalp 3 times a week or maybe even more. When it comes to conditioners, use only a pea sized amount of conditioner and only apply it on the strands to avoid weighing down your strands.

Wavy hair, just like curly hair, dose not require frequent shampooing. This hair type should be washed every 3 days and should always condition it after every shower. Wavy hair also tend to have drier hair ends, you can fix this by regularly applying oil to the ends.

Coily hair types should co wash the hair with conditioner 3 times a week. And it is recommended to apply essential oils onto the strands, before shampooing the hair to avoid over drying it.

Additional hair care products you can add into your routine

Additional hair care products, that are well suited for any hair type to use are, serums and, hair oils. Serums add shine to your tresses and reduces knots within the hair, making it easier to brush. It can also protect the strands from environmental damages like dust, which dirties the hair causing it to look dull.

Serums also protect the hair from humidity that causes hair to frizz up and the sun from drying out the strands. They are also a great choice for those who want extra protection for the hair, while also adding some shine. Serums should be applied on newly washed hair.

Meanwhile hair oils strengthen the roots of the hair, making it healthier and more versatile than before. Hair oils also work as a great substitute for dry hair, that are lacking in natural scalp oils to keep it well hydrated. You can leave the oil overnight for quicker and effective results.

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