How to Care for Wavy Hair

Everyone should know the hair type first for hair care. Is your hair dry, wavy, thin, or straight?... In this article, we will evaluate the question of how to care for wavy hair.

Different hair care practices for straight hair, curly hair, and slightly wavy hair are changing, of course, the cures are also… How to care for wavy hair, what should you do for more beautiful curls? For answers to all these questions, this article is for you.

If your hair is curly, your job is a little more difficult than other hair types, let's say it now. Because the care of wavy or curly hair requires a little more effort. However, with the right applications, your hair can look great.

Why Is Wavy Hair Difficult to Care?

Before moving on to the question of how to care for wavy hair, let's talk about why it is more difficult to maintain if you have wavy hair. Wavy hair care is more difficult than other hair. Therefore, it requires more detailed care and more care. Because the wavy and curly hair structure tends to dry and dry hair, when it is processed, it wears out in a much shorter time than other hair.

This adversely affects both the appearance and health of the hair. Hair loses its vitality and shine. Such dry hair, which undergoes processes such as bleaching and dyeing and even straightening, can be at great risk.

Chemical processes can not show or show a degree of damage on damp hair. However, straightening applications such as bleaching and hairstyling on dry hair can cause results such as very rapid wear, burning and even breakage.

What Should You Do to Prevent This?

Before we examine the question of how to care for wavy hair in detail, let's look at what you should do in general to protect your hair. If possible, you should always use both moisturizing natural and herbal products for your hair. More importantly, you should load your hair with pure natural keratin protein from time to time. Apart from this, they can extend the healthy life of your hair against situations such as hairstyling by keeping your hair ends moist after a continuous bath with keratin oil.

You should avoid drying your hair with a hairdryer. Heat straightens hair but also damages the repair. If you are going to dry your hair with a hairdryer, you should make sure that you protect them from intense heat. When your hair is still damp, apply enough pressure with your fingers, but do not curl it. Keep going until it's dry and say hello to gorgeous hair.

Cold water makes hair shinier, locks in moisture and reduces frizz. Brushing is a common cause of wrinkles and breakouts. If you're not going to dry your hair straight, use your fingers to comb through your dry hair.

How Should You Wash Your Wavy Hair?

We can start with how to care for wavy hair with how you should wash your hair. Contrary to what you know for wavy hair, you should apply the conditioner first and then the shampoo. Depending on the hair type, the order of application of the care products may change. If you have wavy hair, you should first apply conditioner to your hair instead of shampoo. In this way, you can make your hair easier to comb and prevent electrification. However, let us remind you that you should comb your hair while it is still creamy during the shower.

After wetting your hair, you should apply your conditioner with soft movements in a way that it does not come to your hair roots. After keeping it for 1-2 minutes, you should rinse your hair with plenty of water. You have to apply the shampoo afterward. It would also be more appropriate to wash wavy hair with an interval of one day. In this way, you can avoid electrification.

Another important issue for how to care for wavy hair is to rinse your hair well. How you rinse your hair is also important on the way to good and well-groomed hair. Taking a shower with hot water can be very enjoyable, but for healthy hair, you should not wash your hair with very hot water.

If you use cold water while rinsing your hair, you can make your hair look brighter. Cold water has a refreshing effect on the scalp because it accelerates blood circulation. In this way, the hair follicles are fed much better.

Heat Setting and Styling in the Hair Dryer

Another important issue about how to care for wavy hair is drying the hair and styling the hair. In order not to get sick, especially in the winter months, you should definitely dry your hair after taking a shower. If you do not want your hair to be damaged during the drying phase, you should pay attention to the power and heat setting of the blow-dryer. The best way to dry wavy hair is to set the blow dryer to the cold heat setting. In order to have more prominent curls, you should make sure that your hair is completely dry.

The most popular products when styling wavy hairs are mousse or hairspray. These products alone may not be enough to shape your hair. Before using styling products, you can apply short-term tongs. Hairspray often causes hair to become stiff and look like mold. If you don't want it to be like this and want naturally shaped curls, you can spray it while your hair is wet and dry it later.

 Wavy Hair Care Must-haves

  • It is very important that the hair care products you use are suitable for your hair type. Only in this way can you get the maximum benefit from hair care products.
  • Using a mask is also a choice. The use of hair care masks is generally in the background. However, masks are indispensable for hair care. To make the curls look brighter, you should apply a hair care mask at least once a week.
  • No-rinse care products are another option for wavy hair care. You can choose non-rinsing care products to keep your curls shiny and shaped throughout the day and not swell.
  • One of the most important tricks of wavy hair care is to cut the hair when it is dry.
  • Finally, the hard texture of the towels can cause the hair strands to wear out, become thinner and electrified. Especially if you have wavy hair, you should dry it with a cotton T-shirt or cloth instead of a towel.

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