How to Make Eyebrow Growth Serum at Home

The eyebrow is a part of our faces placed right on the eyes, and the shape of an eyebrow may affect people’s appearance to a large extent. A perfect eyebrow may highlight the features and even personality. As it is one of the most notable parts of the face, it needs to be good-shaped. Once it started to fall out, it becomes hard to make it grow. It plays a significant role in protecting eyes from some harm, but many people do not know this. So, eyebrow hairs need to be dense. If they are not, you need to use an eyebrow serum to make them grow thick and full again.

Eyebrows are not only vital for they are the protector of the eyes but also for facial impressions and beauty. Imagine an eyebrow plucked or not feathery enough that looks ugly. So, perfect eyebrows will beautify your look and make your eyes look more attractive as well. However, it is significant to have an eyebrow with a natural appearance. We generally try to give a new and good look by waxing or threading hairs of our eyebrows. Unfortunately, these kinds of care may also harm the eyebrow and cause eyebrow hair loss.

Why Do We Need Eyebrow Growth Serum

Thick, full, and bold eyebrows are every woman’s dream. While some lose their eyebrow hairs one by one in time, some are born with a thin and weak eyebrow. Moreover, some have the habit of plucking eyebrow hairs while they are idle. Who could know without experience once that it is so hard to make it grow again?

However, it is not your fate to live your life with this eyebrow you do not like. You can change it, make it bolder and thicker, and add a charming look to your face. All you have to do is making an eyebrow serum by mixing a few oils. Here, you will find some tips to learn how to make eyebrow serum at home.

Eyebrow Serum to Look Great

The popular eyebrow shape has changed from time to time. While once thin eyebrows were fashionable, thick ones are popular and appreciated nowadays. People used several ways of changing the eyebrow shape. Some people wax the whole eyebrow and draw a new one instead. And some had eyebrow transplant, which is a highly used way of having good looking eyebrow. So, you can always find a way to make your eyebrow keep up with the fashion.

As we change the shape of the eyebrow, it becomes thinner, weaker, and sparse. As a significant part of our face, we need to prevent this weakening with some care. However, contrary to the common belief, creams, lotions, moisturizers, or gels do not support eyebrow growth. Some experts say that these kinds of stuff make eyebrows even thinner and weaker. Therefore, there is no need to apply these to your eyebrow to make them grow faster.

Easy Way to Tend Your Eyebrows

Nevertheless, there are some things you can easily do to tend your eyebrows.  When you wake up in the morning, grab a soft, thin-tooth brush and lightly brush your brows. Moreover, as a temporary solution, you can fill in space between eyebrow hairs. That can make you feel better. However, the eyebrow area is a sensitive one. Due to this reason, we cannot use it as if it is an experimental object. And if you are fed up with trying different solutions, then give a chance to eyebrow serums.

Sometimes we try our best but still cannot prevent eyebrow hairs from falling out. In those times, we look for new, economic, and natural ways to help them regrow. The best thing to do is to use an eyebrow serum, which will cause it to become stronger. However, it is not always affordable and reliable. So, what about making your eyebrow serum to support eyebrow growth? Here you will find tips to learn how to make eyebrow serum at home.

Make Your Eyebrow Serum

Several natural remedies used by people suffering from eyebrow hair loss are available. Castor oil is widely known as a miraculous oil that helps eyebrow hairs grow. Besides this hair treatment, you can use castor oil to have moist skin. Its benefits are innumerable. You can also use it as a massage oil; rub it to your face while applying it. It will increase the blood circulation and revive your face. It includes vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants, which cause a marvelous effect on the skin.

Just a few drops of castor oil are enough to support the growth of eyebrow hairs. Fill it in a little tube and get a few drops on your fingertip. Afterward, massage your eyebrows. Apply this every day and leave it on your eyebrows for 30 minutes and then wipe it out; you will see the difference in a short time.

Additional Help: Argan Oil

Besides using only castor oil, which is an ingredient of all eyebrow serums, you can mix it with other natural oils. Argan oil is among these, and it serves the same function as castor oil. Because of its being vitamin-rich and including antioxidants, fatty acids, argan oil contributes to hair growth. Rosemary essential oil is another option to thicken your eyebrows, make them fuller, bolder, and glorious. Its daily use leads to hair growth in a few months.

The Power of Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil, a vitamin available in castor oil and argan oil, causes hair growth by itself. Not only applying its oil on your eyebrows but also regularly taking Vitamin E fortifies eyebrow hairs. In addition to singly applying these oils, you will have an excellent serum by mixing them. This mix can be used twice a day; in the morning, plus at night before sleeping. Leave it on your eyebrows till the next morning, but be careful about its contact with eyes. Apply regularly, and you will have the results in a few months. This home-made eyebrow serum will be the secret of your eyebrow beauty.

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