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It is important to identify the best hair products for hair care. Because hair is fragile. And it requires special care. Regular use is very important during special care. It is important to know what the best hair products are, as well as the importance of regular maintenance. Because good hair care products are very important for the health of the hair. Hair is susceptible to breakage and damage. Because it is very sensitive. And many people have problems with shedding. The solution to this is to establish a regular use with the best hair products. In this way, the hair roots are strengthened. And as the hair follicles get stronger, the rate of hair loss decreases. In addition, wear and breakage are also reduced.

Strengthened hair resists shedding. For this, it is very important to moisturize your hair. Because the rate of damage is lower in damp hair. Wet hair is less likely to break. However, the rate of breakage, shedding and wear of dry hair is very high. The less heat you apply to your hair, the better it is for your hair. Or you should also care after applying heat to your hair. In this way, you will balance the damage you have done to the hair a little more. In short, the best hair products and regular use are essential for hair transplant. Thus, the hair regains its lost health.

How Does Hair Breakage Occur?

The main cause of hair breakage is the loss of moisture in the hair. Hair that loses moisture gradually becomes dry and damaged faster. Therefore, it is very important to moisturize the hair. You can find a solution to this problem with the best hair moisturizing products. There can be many reasons for moisture loss that causes hair breakage. Applications such as hair straightening, curling iron, dye, perm also damage the hair and cause moisture loss. To prevent or eliminate this moisture loss, you need to use the best hair moisturizing products. In addition, it is imperative that you find a shampoo that is suitable for your hair. In this way, you will apply better care to your hair.

To prevent your hair from losing moisture, stay away from things that damage your hair. Or do the moisturizing care often after the things that damage your hair. If you moisturize well, the damage to your hair is minimized. In addition, there are special products for hair breakage. You can determine the best hair products from these products and use them for hair care. Or you can make hair care with natural masks that you will make at home. Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil also contribute a lot to hair care.

How To Take Care Of Thin Hair And How To Thicken Thin Hair?

Fine hair is more fragile than normal hair. And it is much more prone to damage. It is often asked how to thicken such hair. It is very important to keep the hair clean in order to make thin hair look thick. The hair does not thicken directly, but the rate of hair breakage is reduced. There is a decrease in the electrification of the hair. Especially rinsing the hair with cold water prevents the hair from getting electrified. And it helps the hair look thicker.

Apply oil to your hair before showering. Let the oil sit for a bit and cleanse it well during the shower. It is useful to comb the hair during the day. In this way, you increase the blood circulation in your scalp. And the oils nourish the hair strands. Although it is not preferred because of its smell, garlic is the best method for this job. Crushing the garlic and applying it to your hair by making some cures will thicken your hair. The only downside is that the scent doesn't go away right away. Apart from that, it contributes a lot to the hair.

In addition, having your hair cut frequently is beneficial for hair health. The amount of breakage is reduced in frequently cut hair. The longer you take a nap, the more you get rid of the fractures. Your hair thus becomes stronger and more nourished. It would be better to prefer natural oil treatments instead of ready-made products. E.g; Products such as castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil are good for hair. And it contributes to the nutrition of the hair. Using a special shampoo for fine hair will contribute to its appearance. Although such shampoos do not change the structure, they add volume to the hair.

Reasons For Hair Shape To Change As A Result Of Operations

Drying hair with a blow dryer means giving high heat to the hair. And this heat applied to the hair harms your hair health. Due to the high temperature, the disulfide and hydrogen bonds in the hair are broken. Disulfide bonds are effective in the formation of frizz in the hair. The more disulfide bonds, the more curly the hair becomes.

This method is also used in perm processes. A substance is added to reduce the harmful effect of heat applied to the hair. This substance is usually sulfhydryl. This solution is applied to the hair with heat. Thanks to this substance, disulfide bonds are broken. In addition, heat applied to damp hair causes the hydrogen bonds to break. After a certain time, the effect of the reducing agent begins to decrease. And it pulls away from the hair. An oxidizing agent is applied to the hair to re-establish disulfide and hydrogen bonds by cysteine. In this way, the hair returns to its former state.

The perm process is not permanent. However, if it is applied frequently, it is very damaging to the hair. Because there is a possibility of permanent damage to the chemical interactions in the hair. If such a situation occurs, the hair may not return to its original state. Even when we wash our hair, these bonds break. And it is created again. There is an interaction between hydrogen bonds and keratin proteins. In this way, the two keratin proteins are linked together. The amount of bonds between the keratins also affects the amount of frizz. That is, water molecules must be absorbed by the hair. When it is absorbed, hydrogen bonds are formed. And straight hair becomes wavy.

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