How To Take Care Of Permed Hair

It requires some effort and time how to take care of permed hair. Washing, maintaining, combing and protecting permed hair requires different materials and products compared to normal hair. It's definitely worth spending the extra 5 minutes a day for gorgeous curls of it. Permed hair requires a different technique for washing due to dense curls and this is not very difficult. It would not be right to use combs used for normal hair when combing permed hair.

More care is a need for the perm effect to last for a long time. For brighter and shinier curls, sun care, hair masks, hair oils and conditioners are required. It is beneficial to work with permed hair care products compared to normal or straight hair. It is possible to learn how to work with care products or from your professional hairdresser who does the perm.

How to Take Care after Perm

There are essential issues on how to take care of permed hair. The perming process is done using chemical solution. There are a few issues that need to be considered in order for the effect of the solution used to last a long time. There are some behaviors that should be avoided for the first few days’ right after a perm:

  • Do not wash new processed hair for first 3 days,
  • Do not comb it or try to style with anything,
  • No use of dye or styling products,
  • Try to moisturize with delicate hand massage,
  • Avoid tight shaping such as ponytail, or hair pins,

Taking care after perm is a little bit of doing nothing and protecting moisture balance. You desired perfect curls and chose the perm for it. It's a great choice and you've budgeted and spent time on it. Now you have perfect curls and make sure to follow these suggestions to keep the perfect look longer to worth it.

Styling of Permed Hair

Permed hair looks great without doing anything. Let's examine how to take care of permed hair and what to consider when styling. Some applications for permed hairstyles damage the curls. We do not want the curls to deteriorate, and for this we should definitely stay away from excessive heat and blow-dry brushes. Do’s and Don’ts of styling permed hair;

  • Do not ever use heat styling,
  • Use permed hair conditioners, masks and care products only.
  • Use less shampoo or use after adding water into it,
  • Only style after moisturizing it,
  • Use a sparse-tipped hair comb (Perm comb)
  • Shape by hand, usually by massaging.

We like the voluminous and cool look in permed hair. We don't want to cover up her look with too many ponytails. It is possible to shape the part that covers our face with a hairpin. Products containing alcohol will cause the perm to wear off and it is best to stay away from these products.

When drying permed hair, it is wise to use a diffuser with a dryer attachment. If we don't want too much volume, just keep the dryer up. On the other hand, if we want it to look voluminous, we should hold the dryer from below.

How To Moisturize Permed Hair

Moisturizing is extremely important for how to take care of permed hair. On poorly moisturized hair, the curls look extremely lifeless and pale. Just looking dull isn't the only problem either. The hair strands in the curls are separated one by one, experiencing an electrostatic effect and have a mohair appearance. That's why, moisturizing is very important for permed hair:

  • With the application of conditioner during the shower,
  • With hair care oils after shower
  • Weekly moisture masks are moisturizing.

It is important for the equal distribution of care products to apply by hand by massaging in humidifying permed hair. In permed hair care, it is easier and more effective to apply by dividing the hair into sections. Mixing with a small amount of water or using spray bottles to reduce the amount of product used on permed hair is also a useful method.

Frizz Free Permed Hair Care

It is important to how to take care of permed hair to avoid frizz looking. For perfect curls, it is obvious that permed hair needs to be combed, product used and kept away from heat. We want to know what other mistakes are keeping us away from perfect curls. Perm is not suitable for coarse hair and dry hair. The chemical solution used in the perm process already dries the hair and increases the need for moisture. It is not good to move away from the care recommendations for perfect curls and return to old care habits.

Before getting a perm, maybe you preferred towel drying for your hair. But this method leads to water loss and lint appearance for permed hair. For the aesthetic and glowing appearance of the curls:

  • Do not towel dry,
  • Get regular trims,
  • Avoid excessive heat,
  • Nourish hair with natural oils
  • Finger Comb,
  • Get deep conditioning treatment.

Adequate nutrition of the hair is important for its healthy appearance, but what about the health of the body? The high blood values that nourish all organs, including hair cells, also affect the appearance of our hair. Therefore, nourishing well and maintaining general health helps both our skin and hair look brighter.

How To Nourish Permed Hair

it is necessary to feed it with some vitamins and minerals on how to take care of permed hair. The importance and effect of vitamins A, B, D, E in the nutrition of hair cells is proved However, it is not possible to benefit from all of these vitamins with topical application. It is very useful to apply vitamin E ampoules to the scalp with topical application. But we can't get the same effect from other vitamins. Therefore, we get them from food or vitamin supplements.

Minerals such as Selenium, Magnesium and zinc are beneficial for the hair and the entire body skin. Using the products they contain or taking them orally will nourish our hair. Many vegetable oils contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. For example, products such as shea, argan, olive oil are intense sources of vitamins and minerals. It also makes the hair shine when applied to the hair.

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