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Things To Consider When Choosing Professional Hair Products

There are some points to consider when choosing professional hair care products. It is imperative that you pay attention to the content of the product you choose. Using a harmless professional hair products will be very beneficial for your hair health. For this, the product you choose should be suitable for your own scalp and hair structure. The pH value of 5.5, which is ideal for the scalp, is ideal. Too much can damage your hair.

Be careful that the shampoo you use does not foam too much. Very foaming shampoos often contain chemicals similar to detergents. Also, make sure that the professional hair products you choose are paraben-free. Paraben is harmful to hair health. However, it is generally preferred because it extends the shelf life of products. Ingredients like parabens play with the pH balance of the hair. As a result, problems such as excessive dryness of the hair, hair loss and scalp diseases occur.

Conditioners and shampoos have different properties. For this reason, make sure that the shampoo or cream you choose is not in the same box. Do not forget to use creams applied to the scalp. These creams usually contain caffeine. And it should be used four or five times a week. Do not use styling products to prevent frizz in your hair. Instead, try to use hair creams that prevent frizz and frizz. It is useful to use serum for your hair care. In addition, choosing products that are affordable is not a solution. Such products often have bad content. Whether the hair care product you buy is cheap or expensive, don't forget to check its content. Finally, take care to use hair care products that are supported by scientific research and give confidence.

Hair Harmful Chemicals

First, paraben is an ingredient that should not be in hair care products. The products it contains are known to damage the hair. Therefore, it should not be included in professional hair care products. And if you care about your hair care, make sure it's paraben free. Paraben is often included in cosmetic products as it prolongs the shelf life of products. And as a result of some studies, it has been determined that paraben-containing products increase the risk of breast cancer.

Secondly, there should be no sodium in professional hair care products. Sulfate is often found in shampoos. But sulfate is a surfactant. And it lowers the surface tension. It allows the hair to foam more during the shower. Therefore, you think you are cleaner. However, sulfate causes hair dryness. And so it causes the hair to lose the moisture it needs. In addition, it dries and irritates the scalp.

Finally, phthalate (phthalate) should not be in professional hair care products. Phthalate generally contributes to the spread of the spread over a wider area. In addition, it causes disruptions in the endocrine. When used at a young age, it can cause early puberty in girls. In men, there is a decrease in sperm count.

Hair Care Routine

Creating a hair care routine is necessary for the runes you use to take effect. Because any product that is not used regularly is completely useless. For the right hair care routine, you need to use hair tonic in the morning and evening. Tonic contributes to the revitalization of the hair. Thanks to the hair tonic, the hair is strengthened both in the morning and in the evening. Tonics contain nutrients that the scalp needs, vitamin B7 and biotin. The scalp is enriched with the ingredients it contains. It also contains oils such as rosemary, mint, lavender. And thus, it causes strengthening in the hair follicles.

After the tonic, you can continue your hair care with hair peeling. Thanks to the peeling, the scalp is purified from dirt. Hair gets rid of sebum and dirty residue. After peeling comes the use of shampoo. Shampoo contributes to making hair healthier, softer and brighter. In order for it to affect your hair care well, you need to choose a shampoo suitable for your hair type. After showering, you need to apply conditioner to your hair. In this way, your hair is moisturized and easier to comb. The amount of wear is reduced. Then you can add a few drops of oil to your hair and contribute to the revitalization of your hair.

Hair Loss Causes

Genetic factors are seen as one of the most basic and first causes of hair loss. There is no solution yet for hair loss due to genetic causes. And it is not yet possible to prevent it. Stress factor is the second most common cause of hair loss. Stress-related hair loss usually happens from time to time. Controlling your stress level will prevent this type of hair loss. In addition, hair care products used can unfortunately cause hair loss. For this reason, you should pay attention to the content of the hair care product you will use. Products that you do not fully know or look at can also cause hair loss.

Not every hair care product has the same effect on everyone. And not every chemical has the same effect on everyone. In addition; Conditions such as dyeing, perming, straightening are very damaging to the hair. It causes it to burn, and yanna hair breaks. Burnt hair weakens and then begins to fall out. You should also look at the expiration date of the products you use. We often neglect to look at it. If you are combing your hair while wet, apply a conditioner before combing. Hair conditioners help the hair to be combed more easily and reduce the frequency of hair loss. In addition, it is good for your hair to comb your hair with wide and soft combs instead of hard brushes. In addition, a side effect of chemotherapy drugs used during cancer treatment is hair loss.

Finally, bad eating habits also cause hair loss. Because all the foods you eat affect the hair follicles. And if you eat unhealthy, your hair will also be damaged.

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