Repair Damaged Hair

The hair suffers numerous aggressions every day because caused by the effects of the use of chemical hair repair products. They include straightening, discolorations, and dyes, even damage caused by brushing, flat iron, or air pollution.

To recover the hair that has become weak, brittle, and porous, it is necessary to carry out treatments that hydrate and strengthen the hair. Treatments are based on essential oils, keratin, amino acids, and vitamins present in the appropriate shampoo, conditioner, and hair moisturizer. It is necessary to adjust the water temperature. Be careful with brushing and using products that protect the wires from damage, for example.

What Causes Hair To Be Damaged?

  • Discoloration. It is the chemical process that most damages the hair because, in addition to destroying pigments, it oxidizes amino acids, with 15 to 45% of cysteine ​​being destroyed.
  • Other chemical treatments, such as straightening, progressive brush with formaldehyde, permanents, dyes (when they are of poor quality), and pickling (removal of hair color)
  • Ultraviolet ray of solar radiation
  • An excess hairdryer and flat iron
  • Frequent exposure to air conditioning
  • Shampoo with a high concentration of detergent
  • Wind, dust, chlorine, and lack of air humidity
  • Inadequate nutrition and poor nutrition

Moisturize Hair Regularly

When the hair is very dry and has some damage, weekly hydration is a recommendation. However, the interval should be at least 15 days for those who have an oily scalp.

To make effective hydration, experts advise choosing quality hair repair products, with the following steps that have an indication:

  • Sanitize the hair with shampoo, preferably anti-residue, and remove excess water with a towel;
  • Apply the product in a small amount on each strand of hair, massaging them gently;
  • Leave the product to act according to the time recommended by the manufacturer. It is preferable to heat the wires with an aluminum cap or towel;
  • Rinse well and finish with the conditioner

To enhance the moisturizing mask's effect, it is possible to put a few drops of essential oil. Oils include Argan, Olive Oil, or Macadamia, which have nutritional and regenerative capacities.

Moisturizing creams in addition to the Kérastase product line:

  • Absolute repair masks, 
  • Redken Extreme, 
  • Inoar Macadamia, 
  • Revitrat Nutri power, 
  • Silicon Mix, 
  • Hydra Rescue treatment

Choosing the Ideal Product

It is essential that the hair repair products used, from shampoo, conditioners, and moisturizers, are suitable for each type of hair, contributing to each person's needs. The main tips are:

Perm hair: they are usually more dry hair because the natural hydration of the strands has more incredible difficulty in reaching the ends and being thinner strands. Products with moisturizing properties with bases such as keratin, elastin, or quinoa are of high recommendation;

Curly hair: the use of masks with moisturizing properties are an indication for curly hair, especially those that contain panthenol, shea butter, in addition to oils, such as olive or argan;

Chemically treated hair: strands that have been straightened, progressive brushes, and similar treatments must use products that help in the recovery of the strands and formulated for this type of hair. There are already several options on the market with reconstructive effects. It is also a recommendation to use silicone and protective products to heat the flat iron or dryer;

Bleached hair: hair that undergoes lightening or lights ends up having significant damage, is an indication by the use of moisturizing and reconstructive products, preferably made for blond hair, such as chamomile base or specifics to avoid the yellowish effect.

Besides, people who have their hair damaged by excessive use of a hair dryer or flat iron should use products with a moisturizing and reconstructive effect. It is essential to apply thermal protection hair repair products first to allow the cuticle to have a seal, in addition to a finisher, especially the base of oils after.

Make a Capillary Cauterization

Capillary cauterization, also known as capillary plastic, is a hair restructuring treatment that uses the combination of keratin and heat to close your pores and end frizz, reducing volume and leaving hair softer and smoother, hydrated and bright.

It is always an indication for hair that has damage, is fragile, brittle, or open cuticles. It needs a deep and repairing treatment.

Make a capillary Schedule

The capillary schedule is a care routine that helps in the recovery of damaged hair. In this treatment, a plan of care is programmed, which alternates between hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction. It includes specific products, for a period that can last up to 6 months.

Take Care When Washing

During the bath, you must wash the hair's carefully to avoid that they break during the process, preferring to wash during the day because when you sleep with your scalp wet, the humidity favors the appearance of dandruff and damaging the wires.

It is also a recommendation that the water is at a warm or cold temperature, as very hot water removes the layer of fat that protects the strands, leaving them weaker and brittle.

Avoid Flat Iron And Dryers

The heat generated by these procedures damages the wires, so they should be avoided by anyone who wants to improve the hair's health. If it is not possible to prevent it, you should prefer to straighten it with dryers, keeping 30 cm from the wires. The plates should preferably be a product of ceramic, as they control the temperature better.

Caring for Food

A nutritious diet is fundamental for the recovery of damaged hair, being necessary for the presence of proteins present in meat, milk, and eggs. In addition to nutrients such as omega 3, vitamin A, vitamin C, Iron, and Zinc, present in foods such as nuts, seeds, and vegetables, for example, which are essential for healthy growth and hair repair.

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