True Natural Spagyric Skin Care Products

True Natural Spagyric Skin Care Products

What is Spagyric, and why is it in the new True Natural Spagyric Skin Care Products? Ancient Greece is where the word "Spagyric" came from. It means to pull out or separate, as well as to gather, join, and bring together. It is a natural method of health and healing that is based on the pure essences of plants. This makes it the perfect way to make healthy, all-natural skin care.

We can keep and boost the good qualities and energies of plants, minerals, and metals by using spagyric methods. The spagyric procedure shows how alchemy works and how hermetic ways of thinking and doing things work. Spagyric is the process of separating, cleaning, and then putting back together. Through this process, substances that are bad for your skin and hurt cells are gently separated and thrown away.

The main goal of using Spagyric is to give you and your skin skin care products that are good for you and don't contain anything bad. Your skin cells are rejuvenated, and your mind is calmed and balanced so that you can think clearly and stay alert. By polishing plants, gems, and metals, all of their energies and healing properties are brought out.

The 3 Principles of the traditional spagyric process are Sal, Sulfur, and Mercury. The hermetic principles are another name for these rules. In both physical and philosophical terms, the three elements are shown. In alchemy, these three things stand for the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit or Soul.

True Natural Spagyric Skin Care Products Ingredients

The materials we use are the best and purest ones available. All of the plants are grown organically or picked in a controlled and sustainable way. When we make our macerals, oils, essences, and blossom tonics, we take nature, sustainability, and the earth into account.

Water is very important to everything that lives. A base of water and oil is used to make creams, lotions, and foundations. Because of this, water is a key part of the skin care products we make to help your skin look its best. The strong attraction between molecules in water comes from hydrogen bridges and other ways that molecules interact with each other. Because water is polar, it dissolves ionic combinations very well. In other words, water absorbs vibrations and energies. This is why when we make your skin care products, we use the purest water we can find.


Careful work is needed to get the essences of plants. Some things to think about would be the type of plant you choose, where it came from, and how good it is. Plants are self-feeding organisms, and during the spagyric process, they need special care and quality. We don't use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or mechanical harvesting tools. The body, mind, and spirit of the plants we grow stay whole and in their original form.

Essential Oils

Even essential oils are cleaned up during the spagyric process of plants. The refined essential oils have a much more subtle but still lively scent. When essential oils are refined, they almost never cause skin irritations. Aromatherapy and the purity of the spagyric process come together in our creams and lotions.

Gemstone Essences

The same spagyric treatment is given to gems. Organic solvents like vinegar and alcohol are used to crush, grind, dissolve, and clean them. After the gemstone tincture has been extracted several times, it is distilled many times. The salts that are made are then melted down and put into creams and lotions.

Skin care products that use the energy of gold and silver metal essences work very well. The alchemic spagyric process is the only way to get this energy out. This process brings out the good qualities of these metals. When you make and use the gold and silver essences, they help you heal, clean, get rid of toxins, and feel younger. All of these good things make you feel younger and better, and your skin becomes noticeably smoother and softer.

How Spagyric Works?

The first step in the spagyric process is to separate the plant essences into Sal, Sulfur, and Mercury, which are the three hermetic principle elements.

The first step is to make Mercury, which is an alcohol, not the metal mercury. All of the plant's parts are cut into small pieces and put in a container with water and yeast to ferment. When the fermentation is done, the alcohol is taken out of the liquid by distillation. The rest of the liquid is distilled again, but this time we slowly heat it up and then let it cool down.

The leftover parts of the plant are not thrown away; instead, they are used in the third step, which is to make Sal, the third principle. Calcination is used to burn the bones after they have been dried. After a few calcinations, fire cleans, leaving us with pure white salt.

After the separating and cleaning processes are done, the three parts are put back together. Depending on the plant, gem, or precious metal being used, the cycle of distillation and condensation can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

How Do Spagyric Essences Help In Skin Care Products?

Each gem stone, precious metal, plant, and person has its own natural energy pattern. Matter is there because it has resistance. Without resistance, nothing could be made. Gemstones are the hardest things on earth. They are made of the crystalline system of order, which is made up of vibrations from the universe.

These days, we talk about "energies" or "vibrations." At its most basic level, all matter is made up of energy. The easiest way to figure out how strong these vibrations are would be to see how they affect water. The vibrations that come from Spagyric essences have an effect on water and give it energy. Everything in nature has its own power and vibration. So, we can see that Gold is affected by the Sun and that Silver is affected by the Moon.

We can use these patterns to figure out which plant, gemstone, or metal would work best for each person's vibration. When you notice that a person and an element have the same vibrations, you can tell which element works well with each person. These vibrations determine if the element is used to heal, protect the skin, or make someone look better. Gemstones and precious metals have been used for centuries because they are strong, protect, and heal.

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