How to take Care of Your Hair Men?

Why would it be only women who have the right to pay attention to their look and physique? Any elegant man who respects himself must, of course, watch his way of dressing, adopt the attitudes and behavior of a gentleman, have an impeccable or even irreproachable wardrobe: between the choice of shirt, pants, shoes, accessories, there is a lot to think about. But have you thought about another part of you that is visible to everyone, namely your hair? Hair is one of the first things you see when you meet someone. So highlight them and take care of them. Having beautiful hair is pretty simple in itself, but you still have to follow the right methods for hair care.

As hair is made up of polypeptide, it is crucial to have a healthy diet and lifestyle to continuously and sufficiently nourish your hair. Of course, we can never say enough that the products sold in supermarkets are of low quality; we must be careful that they do not damage the scalp. So how do you take care of your hair at home? What are the tips and tricks? So here is a guide just for you to get healthy and robust hair.

Wash your hair at room temperature

It's a basic principle for washing your hair, for rinsing it (and the same goes for your body, by the way). However, it is recommended that you wash your hair with lukewarm or even almost cold water because it will tone your scalp. Hair is a fragile element, and cool or even cold water will help tighten the scales along its entire length and make it more resistant.

Make circular movements with the shampoo.

To have beautiful hair care, it is primary to wash it properly. Of course, having a quality shampoo is very important, but it is also necessary to know how to integrate it into your hair so that its agents and its properties are activated and bring their virtues. Remember when you go to your hairdresser. You are quietly installed in your chair, your head was thrown back, and you feel fingers slowly massaging your scalp, from the top of your head to your temples. Well, why not do this again at home? In addition to being pleasant, it will tone your scalp. Make small circular movements as if you were performing massages that will relax nerve endings, boost blood circulation, and oxygenate the capillary vascular system. Your hair will quickly regain strength, and you will be more relaxed!

Rinse your hair well

Washing your hair is essential, but it is even more important to rinse it well. Indeed, the rinsing aims to remove all shampoo residues, styling products such as gel or gomina which grease your hair. When you poorly rinse your hair, it is less shiny, more sticky, and therefore less beautiful. Again, do not hesitate to rinse with clear, cool water to tighten the hair scales. Attention, if you prefer the bath, do not use the bathwater to rinse your hair; opt for clean water!

Have your shampoo!

Another essential tip is to have your shampoo and especially do not use that of your wife or partner! Hair care products for women are not suitable for men's hair. It is essential to know the nature of your hair well: is it oily? Dry? Short? Curly? Wavy? If in doubt, ask your hairstylist for advice and ask him to direct you to the right type of product! For men who have hair that greases quickly, we recommend to turn to an extra cleansing shampoo. It is essential for men who have long hair to treat your ends with a 2 in 1 formula product (shampoo + conditioner). For men who have graying or white hair, adopt a product that will neutralize yellowing highlights.

Do not jump on styling products.

Why necessarily cover your head with a sticky or sticky paw? The right dose of a styling product is in a small dab that you put in the palm of your hand, that you rub between your hands afterward and that you apply gently to all the hair. This is more than enough to style your hair well, and if it is not, then the product is not of good quality, that's all.

Have a natural movement with hair wax

Fortunately, the cardboard effect that prevailed during the 90s has disappeared, and today, it is fashionable to have a natural impact on the hair. Feel free to give your hair some elegance, to let it take its natural crease using a malleable paste or hair care wax. How to style your hair with wax? Once you've showered, please wait until your hair is almost dry (don't blow-dry it, ever, as this dries it out and makes it breakable) and put a dab of the wax in your hands. Heat it by rubbing your hands and gently apply it all over your hair.

Go to the hairdresser

Your hair's best friend is your hairdresser. Indeed, a beautiful haircut is upheld and requires that we pay attention to it. Also, your hairdresser will be able to identify the nature of your hair and offer you the right treatment and the perfect cut according to the shape of your face. Whether long or short, curly or straight, hair should be groomed regularly.

Do not cover them all the time

Your hair needs to breathe; your scalp also needs to be nourished by the sun's rays and the ambient air. You have to let your hair breathe, or you will cause alopecia, which is progressive hair loss. Whether you wear a cap or a hat, be aware that wearing too regularly can lead to a premature fall. The hair needs to undergo oxygenation to boost capillary blood circulation.

Wash them from time to time

Hair does not need to be cleaned every day. Indeed, hair naturally produces sebum, which is responsible for oily hair. Even though shampooing helps remove excess sebum, washing your hair frequently helps grease it faster, and a vicious cycle begins. It all depends on your hair type, of course, but washing them every 2 or 3 days is enough to maintain hair care.

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